Am I Paying Too Much for My Managed Print Contract?

There are very few absolutes in pricing. Managed print services (MPS) is no different. Like it or not, MPS is increasingly seen by customers as a simple way to efficiently control costs, and is often relegated to a small portion of the overall technology value-stack.

Scope and Objective

Photizo once again explores the topic of pricing trends in MPS to promote healthy and candid conversations between vendors and the customers they serve. In this report, we analyze user-based pricing trends that are impacting vendor and customer, alike, to arm you with the tools necessary to navigate, negotiate, and succeed in a compressing market.

Findings and Recommendations

For customers, it is important to understand the value of what you are purchasing. We encourage customers to identify which buyer profile most closely aligns with their buying behavior, what your corporate needs (and wants) are, and then evaluate vendor pricing against what the total offering.

For vendors, the wide variance in per-user pricing underscores the gap in marketing hype and customer reality. Pricing pressure continues to mount, and customers are increasingly stringent in their expectations. It’s important for vendors to understand how to price and package their offering to keep pace with customer expectations—or risk falling out of favor with customers.

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