Canon’s Tom Minamide, The Passing of a Gentle Giant

Our industry is full of people with great ideas and passion, who are ‘thought leaders’ in crafting a new vision for the future. There are also leaders who are willing to champion new ideas and lead the charge for change despite insurmountable resistance which can be present in many large global organizations. These are what we call change leaders. We believe there are only a handful of individuals in our industry who combine both traits: thought leadership and change leadership. These are rare individuals indeed.

We recently learned that our industry has lost one of these rare individuals.  Tetsuhiro (Tom) Minamide, President and CEO of Canon Imaging Information Systems, unexpectedly passed away on December 18th.

Anyone who had the pleasure to work with Tom, experienced his vision, leadership, and exceptional courtesy and warmth he treated his business associates with. Even in tough negotiations (and yes, Tom could be tough) he was always professional, respectful, and accommodating of the people he worked with.

Tom had a long and successful career at Canon and was instrumental in the creation of the Canon Imaging Information Systems division (CIIS). Today, CIIS can point to many examples of how the company is successfully leveraging its imaging technologies to offer expertise and services in business process automation (BPA). With over 150 employees (half are engineers and developers), large customer success stories and relationships with some of the industry’s key players, CIIS is making a significant difference.

We are deeply saddened by the passing of this Gentle Giant. We truly enjoyed working with Tom and will miss his enthusiasm, industry leadership, and great sense of humor. This is a real loss for our industry as the world loses a “great one” who inspired many.

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