Casio Exits the Office Page Printer Market

Casio has recently announced that it is exiting the office page printer market, a market it has participated in since 1985. Like other printer manufacturers who have exited the business over the past five years it was because the printer business was a small and non-strategic portion of their overall business which is certainly the case with Casio.

Casio’s decision was based on the fact that they are a small player in a shrinking market which is extremely competitive resulting in shrinking margins and profitability. However, according to Casio, they will launch new businesses during fiscal 2017 including development of new markets for their specialty printers such as original 2.5D printing technology to add small textures to the surface of paper, aiming to develop markets distinct from 3D printers.

Although Casio is exiting the office page printer market, they realize that they must continue to support (consumables, service) their customers 5-7 years after exiting the office page printer business (see Figure 1 for the schedule by product).

Figure 1 - Casio Support Table

Printer Model
Consumables sales end date
N6100End of March 2022
N6100-CMEnd of March 2022
N6100-KMEnd of March 2022
N3600End of March 2022
GE 6000End of March 2022
GE 6000-YEnd of March 2022
GE 6000-CMEnd of March 2022
GE 6000-KMEnd of March 2022
GE 5000End of March 2022
GE 5000-ZEnd of March 2022
GE 5000-CMEnd of March 2022
GE 5000-KMLEnd of March 2022
GE 5000-YEnd of March 2022
GE 5000-BREnd of March 2022
GE 5000-YPOEnd of March 2022
GE 5500End of March 2022
GE 5500-ZEnd of March 2022
GE 5500-CMEnd of March 2022
GE 5500-KNLEnd of March 2022
X925-deEnd of March 2022
X925-de-KMEnd of March 2022
V2End of March 2018
V1500End of December 2018
V2000End of March 2019
V2500End of March 2022
B 9000End of March 2022
B 9500End of March 2022
B 9500-ZEnd of March 2022

The maintenance support period of each model is the period until it reaches either the longest of 5 years from the target product purchase date or the” endurance number” of the target product.

This announcement is certainly not a surprise to many of us who follow the printer industry and there were rumors about this. Photizo fully expects further consolidation in the industry. Just ask yourself, what printer manufacturers have a printer business that represents a very small portion of their overall business where printing is not really strategic to them? You will come up with some possible candidates.

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