Clover Imaging Group (CIG) Announces Acquisition of DC Imaging’s ColorLabs Ink Innovations Business

As many companies, whether they are printer manufacturers, consumable manufacturers, print providers, service providers, or resellers, continue to seek growth opportunities outside the “office printing box”, Clover’s acquisition of DC Imaging’s ColorLabs Ink Innovations business (ColorLabs) extends Clover’s reach into the mailroom with a line of aftermarket supplies for mailing, packaging, and printing.

Now, the ColorLabs brand joins CIG’s postage product portfolio as the only aftermarket postage products approved by the U.S. Postal Service which is significant. CIG’s ever-expanding portfolio of high quality postage products provide quality and performance that rivals the national brands but at a fraction of the cost.

Photizo expects that this trend of looking outside the “office printer box” to offset declines in the traditional office market will continue.  Aftermarket suppliers are already providing aftermarket supplies for bar code, ID card, and wide format printers as MPS providers have expressed interest in including these kinds of devices in their MPS programs.

Photizo will continue to monitor Companies that are taking actions to expand their business outside the “office printer box”.

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