Dell Unveils Its Latest Reliable Smart Printers

One new color and two new monochrome single function models 

Today, May 24th, Dell announced three new devices for its line of Smart printers for medium-to-large organizations. These three printers provide organizations with alternatives to replace legacy imaging devices with printers that meet and in some cases, exceed the needs of its customers. All three devices print A4 (letter-sized) paper (see Figure 1).


2016 0520 fig 1 dell smart printers announce

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The first device is the Dell Color Smart Printer, S5840cdn, which replaces the Dell 5130cdn which had a monochrome cost/page (CPP) of $0.0095 and a color CPP of $0.076. The S5840cdn has the same mono CPP but the color CPP drops to $0.072. Also, Dell reports the S5830cdn has the fastest first page out time (FPOT) for color laser printers under $1,000 at 5.5 seconds (color FPOT).

The second single-function model is a the monochrome Dell Smart Printer S2830dn. It replaces the B2360dn and both are rated at 40 pages/minute (PPM). Likewise the monochrome CPP stays the same at $0.0205.

The third Dell Smart Printers that was announced is the S5830dn which replaces the B5460dn. Dell sharpened its pencil and the monochrome CPP decreased 10 percent to $0.009 from $0.01. This model greatly increases the speed point over its predecessor moving from 47ppm to a whopping 63ppm (34 percent increase).

Dell claims “virtually jam free printing” and with its new state-of-the-art paper handling this appears to be accurate. Additionally, each of the models are A4 (letter-sized), have fast FPOT, faster processors, and a compact design due to its low melt toner that means less energy to print.

As mentioned previously, Dell is marketing these devices to help organizations to move from older technology and longer wait times to newer versions. “Companies that have not replaced their teams’ printers in the last two to five years might be surprised to discover how rapidly the technology has changed,” reported George Toh, executive director, Dell Imaging. “Our goal is to increase workforce productivity through end-to-end simplicity, and this just gives our customers and distributors more specialized options than before, “ said Bert Park, vice president and general manager, Dell Global Software and Peripherals.

All three Dell Smart Printers will be available starting today, May 24th, in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico with these USD prices:

Model             Type               Pricing

S5830cdn      Color               $999

S2830dn        Mono              $279

S3830dn        Mono              $999

Our View

Dell has been relatively quiet making printer announcements of late. As an example, the predecessor devices to the two monochrome printers were announced over four years ago and the predecessor product to the color printer was announced almost six years ago. This is just another sign of OEMs extending the life cycle of equipment due either to a reduction in development or marketing funds or the fact that users are keeping well-functioning printers longer.

Dell’s marketing of these products is interesting. The marketing message will appeal to those organizations that have not been in the market for printers and would be willing to move into the present with printers that have security, are reliable, and easy-to-use.

A comparison of the specs of these new single-function printers to other manufacturers gives us reason to believe that Dell OEMs these from Lexmark. Since Lexmark announced its Unison toner, it is believable that Dell also has similar toner in these devices. This makes all three printers very efficient in using electricity so along with the low CPP, a user can add a lower electricity consumption as well.


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