Headline Rollup for December 21, 2017

A Partner in Performance: Virtulytix applies predictive analytics to get better use from data

The “internet of things” is no mere buzzword around the offices of the Lex­ington consulting firm Virtulytix.

Solution Providers Plan Huge Hiring Spree In Wake Of Historic GOP Tax Cut

For years, solution providers have complained about the country’s antiquated tax system, arguing that it hampered their ability to reinvest in their businesses and add jobs.

Dell Execs on Reorganizing Channels Org to Keep Pace with Digital Transformation

It’s been a busy 2017 over at Dell, where channel execs have been hard at work the last year creating a new partner program in the wake of Dell’s massive acquisition of EMC. We caught up with Joyce Mullen and Cheryl Cook to talk about what’s gone right, what still needs work, and what mandates from partners they’ll be focusing on in 2018.

Brother UK announces latest mono laser launch

Brother UK is launching ten new mono laser machines, offering more efficient printing with reduced print costs and faster print speeds.


In the past, security breaches were viewed as a single event occurring at a certain point in time. However, this is no longer the case. Security threats now rarely occur as singular events, and a new kind of attack is on the rise: Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). An APT is a network attack in which an unauthorized person or device gains access to a network and, instead of immediately stealing data or damaging infrastructure, stays there for a long period of time, remaining undetected. It could even occur from a device or person with proper security clearance, thus appearing as normal activity. It is much harder to detect these attacks as they are typically small in scope and focus on very specific targets (usually in nontechnical departments where security threats are less likely to be noticed or reported), and occur over a period of weeks or even months.


A recent Lexmark Webinar for press and analysts reveals that the company is still listening to its dealers.

It’s not as if Lexmark has been purposely maintaining a low profile since its acquisition by Apex Technology last year. In 2017, Lexmark hosted its partners at various sports venues, was highly visible at a host of industry events and dealer conferences, and was named Best A4 Manufacturer in The Cannata Report’s 2017 Annual Dealer Survey.

Managed Print Contracts: Things aren’t always what they seem

My role, as Commercial Director, is to ensure we deliver good value in all we provide, and to charge a rate where we can safely maintain our offering throughout the period of the agreement.

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