Headline Rollup for July 13, 2017

The sale of Lexmark’s enterprise software unit is finalized

Private equity firm Thoma Bravo on Monday announced that it had completed the acquisition of Lexmark International Inc.’s Enterprise Software business.

US computer firm HP puts 195-acre Leixlip campus up for sale

US computer maker HP Inc has put its 195-acre Liffey Park Technology Campus in Co Kildare up for sale in what will be one of the largest ever trades of an industrial facility here.

Is Your Printer Secured? HP’s Latest Campaign Asks Some Scary Questions Related To Printers, Security & Hacking

Computer hardware, software, and services major Hewlett-Packard (HP) have launched an interesting campaign to create awareness about something which more than half of Indian companies ignore: Printer Security.

DocPath Picks Up AFP Printing Where IBM Leaves Off

If you’re looking to do fun and exciting things with your IBM i spool file output, you’ll need to look beyond IBM. With the death of AFP Utilities in IBM i 7.3 last year and the demise of InfoPrint Designer before that, it’s clear that IBM doesn’t want anything to do with printing or electronic document management. One vendor that’s eagerly investing in IBM i output is DocPath.

Imaging Channel, Let’s Become the Innovation Channel!!

I was getting ready to publish this article as the news broke Amazon was adding At-Home Tech support to their deliverable. This development is important to the future of commodity technologies and how they will be supported whether in the home or the office. As the print equipment becomes less and less expensive, and less and less service intensive. The buyers will be presented options. These new options were unimaginable a decade ago. Today defeat will come quicker to the unimaginative, and to those too “Suborned to Modify”

Samsung has even higher Profits than Apple in Q2 2017

Take away Walmart, and major companies in the oil and automotive industry, and what you have left with in the global 500 in terms of top revenue generating companies in the world, at the top, is Apple.

Thinking of Using Third-Party Printer Ink Cartridges? Read This First.

No one wants to pay full price for anything—especially for printer ink cartridges. That’s why many consumers turn to third-party printer ink cartridges, or aftermarket inks.

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