Headline Rollup for June 1, 2017

Supreme Court allows resales of used printer cartridges

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled unanimously in favor of a company that sold refilled printer cartridges in a patent case with wide implications for the technology industry.

Lexmark’s new leader hits reboot button

Lexmark International, Lexington’s storied maker of printers and a key economic engine here for decades, placed two big bets in early 2015: It spent a record $1.1 billion to buy Kofax Ltd., a California-based software company, and it hired David Reeder as chief financial officer.

Supreme Court’s Printer Decision Is Good News for Retailers and Consumers

Retailers across the U.S. sighed with relief on Tuesday as a unanimous Supreme Court overturned an appeals court ruling that said printer maker Lexmark can use its patent monopolies to prevent other companies from selling ink refills without its permission.

Xerox and Staples collaborate to boost small business productivity: introducing new self-service printing

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of productivity and efficiency. Improvements in these areas translate into wins for your company, the juice that pushes you ahead of the competition. And do you know who else understands productivity and efficiency? Xerox and Staples!

Canon announces end of patent dispute

In a press release, Canon announced that J&H Greentech and Trading Limited who trade under Prestige Cartridge have come to an agreement regarding their “alleged infringement of Canon’s European patents EP 2,087,407 B1, EP 2,137,577 B1 and the respective international counterpart patents thereof”.

Apex Technology changes name

The company has changed its name from Zhuhai Apex Technology Corporation to Ninestar Corporation.


The best aftermarket, imaging supplies and brands in Russia have been recognized with a spate of awards.

Millennial’s Are Wicked Smart and Why You Need Them in Your Sales Force

In less than a decade, Millennial’s are going to make up three quarters of the American workforce. That means that most of your salespeople are going to be from the Millennial generation, bringing with them all the potential benefits and drawbacks that the generation’s culture has to offer.

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