Headline Rollup for June 29, 2017

Fuji Xerox Printers shakes up partner program

Local Fuji Xerox Printers partners will see a host of changes to the vendor’s partner program in 2017-2018, including new entitlements for some tiers.

HP Inc Is Down Since Its Earnings Report: Can HPQ Rebound?

It has been about a month since the last earnings report for HP Inc. (NYSE:HPQ). HPQ Shares have lost about 3.5% in that time frame, underperforming the market.

When your Deliverable doesn’t excite your Customers’ then it’s time to Innovate or even change that Deliverable

The continuing evaporation of customer excitement concerning copy and print is further driving its commoditization. Some in the “The Imaging Channel” will continue justifying a declining market in the same way other industries in decline do.

Be a Dream Organization: Millennials Want to Grow with Your Company

One of the biggest challenges facing a business is hiring top talent. One of the second biggest challenges? Keeping that talent. With projections of nearly half of all U.S. workers being millennials by 2020, wouldn’t we all say it’s about time we focus in on how to attract and retain this substantial percentage of the workforce (PwC 2011 Report- Millennials at Work: Reshaping the Workplace)?

Why did Amazon buy a grocery retailer? The real question is, what capability did Amazon just buy?

Last Friday Amazon acquired high-end grocery retailer Whole Foods. This move was so over the top brilliant, that it immediately drove down the stock of Walmart and other food retailers by as much as 10%. Apart from the potential affect of how this might change where you buy groceries, I immediately thought that if Amazon can make that kind of purchase, could and should they do the same in our industry by purchasing a product company like HP?

Konica Minolta launches Professional Print Division

Konica Minolta has launched a Professional Print Division in Europe for which it has appointed a new general manager. Charles Lissenburg, who joined the company in April, will be at the helm of the new division, which aims to focus on providing products leading to business efficiency and value improvement for the firm’s commercial and industrial printing customers.

Managed service providers facing challenge of digital transformation

With such a wide range of solutions, and engagement just a click or two away, the managed services industry faces a challenge in how it chooses which products and which other partners to work with.

“In recent months we have seen many initiatives from distribution, vendors and managed services players themselves to help build a co-operative approach to solving customer business issues, but it is not easy,” says John Garratt, director of the Managed Services & Hosting Summit to be held in London on 20th September.

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