Headline Rollup for June 8, 2017

Toshiba Honors Seven Top-Performing Resellers

Toshiba America Business Solutions recognized seven of its top-performing U.S. independent resellers with Dealer of the Year recipient, Cincinnati’s Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises leading the list. Toshiba also recognized Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based Higher Information Group as its All Star reseller with first-year dealer partner, The Lioce Group in Huntsville, Alabama earning Rookie of the Year honors.

Living in a Post-Lexmark World: What Happens Next?

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering whether to put an end to the “conditional sale” doctrine, which allows a patent holder to sell a patented invention with post-sale restrictions that limit the way the invention may be used or resold. Companies that sell certain patented goods have long relied on the conditional sale doctrine in structuring their business models.

Cartridge World launches new business solution

Cartridge World said in a press release that their new solution would remove many of the costs of printing to help businesses with their new solution “why buy a printer?”

Ninestar Corp to sell Kofax

4-traders.com reported that the software company Kofax is to be sold to Project Leopard for an estimated $1.32 billion (€1.17 billion). In May 2017 The Recycler reported that  Lexmark’s software business was bought by Thoma Bravo after the OEM announced it was keen to sell the division in April 2016 after it was acquired by Apex Technology.

Acquisition creates managed print powerhouse

Xeretec – Xerox’s largest MPS reseller – has acquired Landscape Group, the UK’s most accredited HP MPS and Solutions Specialist, in a move that creates a new managed print powerhouse.

NSA leak suspect was ratted out by an office printer

When Reality Leigh Winner allegedly sent classified documents detailing Russian hacking efforts during the U.S. election to The Intercept last month, she probably never thought the printer she used would give her away. But that’s exactly how the FBI says it was able to find and arrest her less than a month later.

How Can You Be the Best at MPS, MFP, & Managed IT?

What does it take to be among the elite sales people at your branch or your dealership?

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