Headline Rollup for March 23, 2017

Product, programme, and profile information for Brother

This Japanese-headquartered print vendor can trace its roots to the Yasui Sewing Machine Company, which was founded 109 years ago. These days it manufactures a range of printers, scanners, services and accessories.

OKI Upgrades Wide Format with New Teriostar Multifunction Printers

Egham – OKI Europe Ltd has launched two new wide format Teriostar multifunction printers designed to boost productivity in busy design, engineering and reprographics offices where deadlines are tight and time is money. The LP-1040MF and the LP-2060MF print at super speeds; up to 7 A1 size prints per minute and up to 9 A1 size prints per minute, the fastest in their class. Scan speeds of 240 mm per second and parallel processing of tasks also help accelerate workflow and both models feature the industry’s only user-replaceable process cartridges which means projects won’t get derailed by downtime.

PrinterLogic MPS case study

Texas’ Lamar Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) installed PrinterLogic’s print management software to “eliminate its print servers” and introduce “centralised management”, with ease of access across its print environment, after using another company’s solution that was limited in its capabilities. After installing PrinterLogic’s next-generation solution within two days, the school district’s 22,000 workstations now print reliably and easily, the company claimed.

Is Seat Based Billing the Next MpS Boondoggle?

Like most VARs, we were built on value added services attached to hardware sales. Unlike most, our newly built NOC helped the move to services based revenue streams. In addition to classic T/M contracts, email hosting, backup/disaster/recover, remote management and remediation, and help desk were part and parcel of our value proposition.

Xerox VersaLink® Mobile and Cloud Integrated Devices are Genuine Workplace Assistants

As your small and mid-size business grows and evolves to adapt to your customers’ demands, you also need to be more productive to be able to deliver on those demands. Before you know it, you need to decide whether to ditch your current MFP and printer or carry on and make the best of what you have. It does not have to be this way.

Hewlett Packard’s Tim Weber Thinks the Next Industrial Revolution Will Be 3D-Printed

Tim Weber sees a future where if your toaster breaks, the replacement won’t come from a factory in China. It’ll be 3D-printed for you down the street from you, in your color, and delivered right after it’s made.

What Today’s Supreme Court Printer Case Means For Business

On the face of it, the Supreme Court is about to hear what sounds like a simple dispute: When can a printer company forbid others from refilling its toner cartridges?

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