Headline Rollup for May 25, 2017

IBM’s Remote Work Reversal Is A Losing Battle Against The New Normal

Until recently, IBM was one of the first and biggest proponents of remote work. But no longer. In March, the company began directing thousands of employees to work from set locations or else look for another job, an ultimatum it extended more widely last week. The move is an alarming policy reversal that neither current trends nor recent history suggest is wise.

Brother campaign says fixing SME IT Problems could save millions of hours

New research from Brother UK says that channel partners could help save small and medium sized businesses across the country around 5 million working hours1 every week by fixing everyday IT problems.

HP Inc to launch toner pay as you go service?

HP Inc has been awarded patent 9,618,898 and the invention to increase the toner supply capacity in some electrophotographic printers without also increasing the size of the printer, reducing the need for the user to purchase replacement toner supply cartridges over the expected useful life of the printer. In some examples, a new toner supply container is sufficiently enlarged to eliminate the need for the user to replace the original toner container without also increasing the size of the printer.

HP instant ink – the woes continue

In March 2016 we published an article about user experiences when the HP Instant Ink programme remotely disabled printers when the users’ credit card, has expired. In the last few days, The Recycler has been contacted by some HP Instant Ink users reporting that their printers had been remotely disabled.

The next Kodak moment: a smartphone?

NEW YORK–Quick, what’s the first thing that you think of when you think of “Kodak”?

“Film,” “photography,” “pictures,” “cameras,” are obvious choices, and if you’re thinking more negatively, perhaps even “bankruptcy” will leap to mind.

Page Coverages Something of a Lost Conversation?

Back in the Eighties one of the first lessons I learned was that of “page coverage” and how to explain it to the end user.  Back in the day there wasn’t a single copier dealer that included toner in their maintenance agreements.

Samsung Print Plus MPS Bots

Introducing the Samsung Print Plus MPS Bots

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