Headline Rollup for May 3, 2016

OEMs and Aftermarket Leaders Urged to Address Fraud and Counterfeiting Issues

“The imaging industry is in transition.” So says Allen Westerfield, former senior executive at Lexmark and currently President of the Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC). The “industry in transition” theme has been picked up as the call to attend the ISCs bi-annual conference, which will be held in San Diego, California on September 18 to 20, this year.

How data science helps Purdue predict student success

Most people know that a student who does well in a class would likely do well in another class, but could you predict whether a student would succeed based on how many times they logged into the campus network?

UK office workers experience 90 percent stress

New research shows that “nine in ten UK office workers experience seriously elevated stress levels when dealing with troublesome technology during meetings”, reported bmmagazine this week. This can be anything from “lowered productivity to lost business and even lost promotions”, it said.

Clover Imaging Group: Expansion and Evolution to Serve the Industry

In the summer of 2014, Clover Technologies Group acquired Micro Solutions Enterprises (MSE). It was the latest in a long series of acquisitions by the largest and most powerful player in the aftermarket toner space. Today, Clover Technologies has over 20,000 employees operating in 60 locations. There are seven global manufacturing sites with revenue totaling over $1 billion.

Broken printer used to develop children’s’ skills

A kindergarten in Montana lets children dismantle technology.


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