Headline Rollup for October 19, 2017

Four Indian scientists pioneer Air-Ink

This week Scroll revealed that the scientists have been creating Air-Ink, ink made out of air pollution, since June 2016, using “carbon emissions and soot from car exhaust pipes, chimneys and generators”.


Why Germans Work Fewer Hours But Produce More: A Study In Culture

When many Americans think of Germany, images of WWII soldiers and Hitler often come to mind. But what many people don’t realize is that Germany is the industrial powerhouse of Europe, and is a leading manufacturer of goods for export to developing Asian nations. We don’t hear about the superiority of German engineering in Volkswagen commercials for nothing!

How Generation Z Uses Technology and Social Media

According to Pew Research, only 14 percent of U.S. adults had access to the Internet in 1995. By 2014 that number was 87 percent. Generation Z grew up during the most accelerated and game-changing periods of technological advancements in human history.

What is ‘Digital Transformation’ & What Is It Doing to the Channel?

People have been talking about digital transformation and the way it would revolutionize all things channel for years without finding any clarity. Exactly what does ‘digital trasformation’ mean? What will it look like? And when the ‘transformation’ is over—if that ever happens—will tomorrow’s channel look anything like the channel of yesteryear?

3-D printing: A tool for production

Long used by product designers, 3-D printing is finding its way onto the factory floor. The jigs and fixtures needed to guide and hold tools are increasingly being 3-D printed. The metal casting industry is also adopting the technology. Read on to learn how materials companies are getting involved in the industry with an eye to improving the technology and boosting their polymer sales.

Xerox aims to become more channel-driven

The corporation is seeking to increase its growth in the SME sector by expanding its channel base.

Computer Weekly reveals that Xerox is embracing the benefits of becoming channel-driven and has been inundating the channel “with products and support” as part of its strategy to sell products specifically to the SME market and increase “marketing support for resellers.”

CRN Exclusive: Xerox Looks To Turn Channel Partners Into App Builders With First-Ever U.S. Forum

Xerox is doubling down on helping its channel partners develop intellectual property and differentiate their businesses by building personalized applications.


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