Headline Rollups for April 3, 2018

New to Image Recognition? Start with Interesting Face Recognition with Python!

Image recognition now is a hot topic in machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analysis. But what is Image recognition?

Ricoh appoints new President and Chief Executive Officer in the Americas

30+ year Ricoh leader, Joji Tokunaga, takes the helm of Ricoh in the Americas as the company continues its transformation journey of empowering digital workplaces

Toshiba Corporation Welcomes Nobuaki Kurumatani as Chairman and CEO

TOKYO— Nobuaki Kurumatani today took office as the first Chairman and CEO of Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) to be appointed from outside the company in over 50 years.

Be fearless. Go paperless.

When it comes to reducing paper use and even trying to go paperless, there’s a disconnect between what companies know they should be doing and what they actually are. New technology can help these organizations overcome past limitations and achieve many benefits related to improving document conversion and management.

Manufacturers: Make Product Information Mobile with Augmented Reality

Good product information matters on many levels: brand reinforcement, service efficiency, and cost of business. Add customer satisfaction to that list, because it may depend on the customer’s experience with your information.

Ricoh helps Clemson University overhaul print and mail – and generate $2.5M in new revenue

Clemson University has worked with Ricoh USA, Inc. to revitalize its campus mail and print centers and implement a managed document services program. This collaboration has generated more than $500,000 in documented savings and uncovered more than $2.5 million in new revenue, which has offset nearly 90 percent of the cost of print and mail services. By leveraging Ricoh’s Student, Departmental and Bulk Mail Services, Production Print Services and Managed Document Services, Clemson has reduced their reliance on paper, increased electronic communication, upgraded the student mail center and equipped it with advanced Ricoh technology, ultimately helping students and faculty work smarter.

Deep Learning Advances from IBM Research

Today, with contributions made by IBM scientists, IBM introduces Deep Learning as a Service within Watson Studio, a rich set of cloud-based tools for developers and data scientists to help remove the barriers of training deep learning models in the enterprise.

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