Headline Rollups for March 29, 2018

Why greener, safer printing will be big on the technology reseller agenda in 2018

The technology distribution market accounts for over 40% of overall end-user IT spending in Europe and is still growing year-on-year, according to a recent study by Bain & Company and the Technology Channels Alliance (TCA)[1]. Technology resellers are a force to be reckoned with, and along with their power to influence what technologies people buy and use and which vendors they work with, they also have a responsibility to help customers replace legacy systems or make upgrades as technologies advance and become better, more secure, and more efficient.

Japan’s Ricoh to book $1.72bn impairment loss as North American business slump

TOKYO (Reuters) — Japanese office equipment maker Ricoh Co Ltd on Friday said it would book an impairment loss of 180 billion yen ($1.72 billion), citing a slump in North American business as users shift from print to digital.

Is your compatible cartridge a ticking time bomb?


How apps can transform your office printers into workplace assistants

This is capable of streamlining workflows, improving productivity, and even translating documents into other languages, and opens up a whole world of opportunity for SMBs, says Allison Zimmer, Channel and SMB Marketing Specialist, Commercial Excellence at Xerox.

Metrofuser Co-President discusses strategic initiatives

Will DeMuth has been discussing the emerging threats from industry consolidation and the strategic reasons dealers and re-sellers are switching to Metrofuser.

In a 3-minute long video, DeMuth, who has been working in the industry since 1999 before going on to start Metrofuser in 2003, elaborates on the emerging threats brought about through consolidation as well as revealing his company’s IPD strategy.

HP Unveils Rigid Latex Printing Technology

New technology enables latex printing on multiple surfaces, including breakthrough HP White Latex Ink

7 Tips To Improve Your Printers Security

If you’re not taking your printer security seriously, someone else might be.

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