Headline Rollups for March 6, 2018

Nuance Communications Announces Healthcare Workflows

Combined Print, Capture and Conversion Solutions Enable Healthcare Organizations to Increase Productivity, Enhance Efficiency and Drive Document Security

Emerging Technologies That Will Transform Experiences

We’re all aware of the immense impact that technology has had on the ways in which consumers interact with brands.

How Your Business Can Take Mobile Print to the Next Level

By now, nearly every business has either enabled or considered enabling their employees to work remotely – whether from 9-5 or just while they’re on the road. Mobile is increasingly becoming the way we work, and it’s happening fast. More employees are working remotely than ever before. In fact, by 2020, mobile workers will make up the majority of the workforce, and here’s why.

Canon launches onslaught of lawsuits

The OEM has begun legal proceedings against dozens of companies, claiming patent infringement.

Canon has taken out lawsuits in various district courts across the USA, accusing dozens of entities of patent infringement, via 32 separate lawsuits. The accused companies include such well-known aftermarket names as Aster, Ninestar Corporation, Static Control, and Print-Rite.

Epson’s patent infringement triplicate

The OEM has filed two patent infringement lawsuits in American district courts, as well as seeking a final consent judgement and permanent injunction in its legal dispute with Gaea Supplies Corporation.

The Lesson Tech Boards Are Not Learning from HP’s Latest Financials

HP just had another stunningly successful quarter, with net earnings up a whopping 217 percent, in what is becoming a new success trend. Before this, there was some significant doubt the company would survive (scandal seemed to be the firm’s silent middle name). The irony is that much of the problem came from poorly thought through efforts by HP’s past boards to save the firm. To say that HP has had a tough time would be an understatement.

4 Reasons Why a Winning Business Strategy Includes Managed Print Services

Countless reasons exist why companies switch to managed print services (MPS), but here we will focus on the most prevalent motives in terms of business strategy.

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