HP Introduces Imaging Industry’s First SaaS Management Platform

September 7 – HP unveiled the industry’s first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) management platform that provides a marketplace and management of applications, users, and devices. HP has named this HP JetAdvantage On Demand Platform. The platform brings together a customer portal, channel partner (reseller) portal, and HP and ISV solutions all with marketplace and infrastructure services. All apps on the marketplace will be HP Security Certified (see Figure 1).


Figure 1 - HP JetAdvantage On Demand Platform

Figure 1 – HP JetAdvantage On Demand Platform             Source: HP

As can be seen in Figure 1, HP shows three HP solutions and one ISV solution. Two of the HP solutions have been announced in the past year, JetAdvantage Insights and JetAdvantage Private Print, one is new, JetAdvantage Secure Print, and Fenestrae UDOCX has been around since 2011. HP’s intent is to have apps that are “non-blue” (non-HP) and will be delivering apps from PaperCut, OpenText, Troy, and Hyland in 2017 (noticeably absent was Nuance). Nuance is the clear leader with premise apps.

In addition, the Customer Portal, Channel Partner Portal, and the Dashboard are all new. This solution brings this together in one seamless experience. Most of this has been in the planning stage for the past two years.

“With HP JetAdvantage On Demand, we bring together top apps from HP and ISVs and leverage the cloud for a simple purchase, deployment and management experience,” said Edmund Wingate, head of JetAdvantage Solutions, HP Inc.

HP is targeting this platform for the mid-market. System administrators (sysadmins) are considered the number one customer. Over 75 percent of the mid-market customers have been asking for print-related solutions. One of the impediments has been the difficulty to deploy these solutions for the mid-market. Unlike enterprise customers that have a slew of people evaluating various apps and other options, the mid-market is dependent on the sysadmins to make the majority of decisions. Also, the high cost for the server infrastructure and setting up the server has been a deterrent. HP has recognized these pain points and has been able to allow mid-market customers to ‘try and buy’ using this platform.

HP has not forgotten about its channel partners either. It has provided the ability for the reseller to quickly deliver a proof-of-concept so the reseller is not stuck paying for a solution that a customer may not accept. It has provided a dashboard that meets the core needs of the reseller:

  • customer accounts list,
  • active trials,
  • active licenses,
  • expirations of licenses, etc.

This will give resellers the ability to manage the solution remotely on the behalf of the customer.

Finally, security is a major concern these days especially when you’re dealing with the cloud. Currently, HP only has a server in the U.S. It is expected to have a server in EMEA and Asia Pacific in 2017. Despite this, some non-domestic customers have signed up even though HP’s server is located in the U.S. Some customers feel it is better to have an on-premise solution because it is behind the firewall but that has not kept out hackers. There has been anxiety about security in the cloud since companies don’t know where the data resides and whether sensitive data is protected. HP’s JetAdvantage On Demand adheres to HP’s development security best practices and HP Privacy Policies. Data is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption.

HP’s security team has specific requirements for ISV partner solutions. These are data protection, physical security requirements, and security threat resistance. HP’s team validates the apps to be sure each complies – HP does not compromise security at all.

The JetAdvantage On Demand portal along with the HP JetAdvantage Secure Print and UDOCX apps will be available in the U.S. in November 2016. EMEA and Asia Pacific will come later.

Our View

This platform is important to HP. Having spent two years on its development by understanding its customers and its channel partners demonstrates this fact. Things have come together for HP, Inc. in order to provide this comprehensive platform including the movement to the cloud, multi-tenancy, HP security, ISV apps, and the move to the subscription-based payment model. The time is now and HP has taken advantage of this ‘perfect situation’ to roll out a needed platform at the right time.





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