Interconnect 2015 – A Glimpse into the Future… à la IBM

Key Points

• Disruption comes from both inside and outside the industry
• To innovate, think outside of existing business models and business paradigms
• The future is not about surviving; it’s about embracing disruptive change
• Industry leaders must “step out of the box” with events like Interconnect and Photizo’s Navigator Meetings


Interconnect combines what were formerly four distinct “Connect” events (cloud, software development, cognitive computing, and mobile) into a single massive event with 21,000 attendees. And it was pretty amazing – and a bit overwhelming. Now you might ask, why would I, an erstwhile “printing guy,” be at a conference that doesn’t have anything to do with printing? Well, in our firm’s role as a guide to clients who are working their way through today’s highly disruptive markets, we intentionally seek out events that focus on, or are hosted by, firms which are disrupting business as a whole. Because let’s face it, most of the disruptors to an industry are going to come from outside that industry – not within it (can anyone say iPad?).

Flash: Interconnect 2015 – A Glimpse into the Future… à la IBM

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