Is There a Reason Armor is Leading with Financial Incentives?

Armor, a laser cartridge remanufacturer in Europe, is marketing itself to resellers by stating that its Armor brand cartridges have higher margins than the margins available on OEM consumables. This financial incentive is one way that Armor is attracting the channel.

Another way that Armor is positioning itself is as the responsible, higher quality but still cost effective aftermarket player in Europe. As can be seen in the article, Armor is positioning itself with the OWA brand. The concept for OWA is that it’s a complete solution since Armor goes to the organization picks up the cartridges and recycles or reuses them. This is a sustainable play and may appeal to the European market. The company even gives a material assessment that shows how each piece of that cartridge was recycled (companies can use these in their sustainability reports). Armor describes OWA as a unique solution, not just a cartridge.

Finally, Armor is also pushing quality to place the company above the Chinese and other cheaper, less reliable aftermarket players. So, as with most marketing, financial incentives gets a reseller’s attention, but looking under the covers shows Armor is not a one-trick pony.

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