Office Document Security – How Important Is It?

Office printers have existed for a very long time but not until recently, has document security been on the radar for the imaging industry and particularly the printer manufacturers.  Since this is such a huge subject, Photizo will be addressing office document security in two News Bytes, this News Byte addressing the problem and how big an issue document security really is.  The News Byte to be published on February 2, 2017 will address the various forms of document security including securing physical documents at the single function or multifunction printer (MFP), securing electronic documents, and securing the physical document to prevent counterfeiting.

There is a great article on the subject written by Sara Barker of Security Brief, New Zealand on January 25, 2017.  The data in this article was based on a survey conducted by Quocirca and Y Soft of more than 1000 responses across 200 enterprises.  The following are some key takeaways from this survey:

  • 61% of enterprises have suffered from insecure printing data breach
  • 48% are vulnerable to are vulnerable to printer hard disk theft or retrieval
  • 50% of print jobs are intercepted on he print queue or network
  • 47% leave unclaimed print jobs in the output tray
  • 44% of documents are scanned from an MFP to the outside world
  • 18% of MFPs are not secure on the network

Security printing is one of the top 5 areas of interest in the office printing market looking forward. HP, Xerox, and other printer manufacturers have publically stated that security (hardware and document level) is one of their top development initiatives looking forward.  Each printer manufacturer is looking at what forms of security they can offer to try to differentiate their offerings from those of their competitors. Some are looking at partnering with other companies to provide a broader document security offering such as what HP is doing with Troy Group, Inc.  As readers probably expect, the level of concern regarding document security may be very different depending on the vertical market (i.e. Financial, Government etc.) but it is universally a concern across industries.

The next Photizo News Byte will dive deeper into the various forms of document security including security of documents at the printer itself, securing electronic documents, and securing the physical document to help protect against counterfeiting etc.

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  1. It would be really good if you could link the related material (especially if it’s a great article like you say).

    This is probably the referenced article:

    But it sounds more like an advertorial. More than half of the article is quoting Y Soft, who appear to have commissioned the report. The link at the bottom offering to put the reader in touch with Y Soft (who work in printer security software). I think Photizo would do better by quoting the original report rather than quoting advertorials.

    The original report is here:

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