Photizo Finishes a Month of Unique Personal Webinars

In January of 2017, Photizo announced that it was going to offer imaging industry participants including printer manufacturers, office equipment dealers, MPS service providers, software developers, consumables resellers etc. an opportunity to participate in a personal, one on one, webinar with Photizo.  Unlike typical webinars that companies often conduct, these webinars were personal and tailored to each webinar participant; the closest thing to having a physical meeting. Prior to conducting the webinars, participants had to provide Photizo with their five areas of interest or top five questions that they would like to have answered by Photizo during their webinar.

The first quarter of the webinar addressed highlights of 2016 and future trends and predictions looking forward.   The remaining portion of the webinars dealt specifically with the questions provided by the webinar participants which really had the most value to Photizo and to the webinar participants.  Photizo could better understand the key challenges facing the industry and what companies are doing to address them firsthand. Webinar attendees were able to receive answers to the most pressing questions or issues that they had.

According to Ron Iversen, VP Market Intelligence at Photizo, “the response to these personal webinars was overwhelming”; some days, we were conducting 5-6 webinars covering the globe including US, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Europe (UK, Switzerland, UK, Poland), Latin America, South Africa and other areas.

How did the webinar participants feel about these webinars?   According to Ron Iversen, “ they absolutely loved them, particularly the dialog surrounding the questions that attendees provided us.  We really did not know what to expect since we have never done anything like this before. In some cases, we had a few people attend and other cases we had over a half dozen or more people attend including very senior level people including CEOs”.

In a future News Byte, Photizo plans to share the key takeaways from these webinars. If you missed the opportunity to participate in these personal webinars and would like an opportunity to do so, please contact Ron Iversen at If we find that we continue to have an overwhelming response, we will definitely consider continuing with the personal webinars perhaps in the March/April timeframe.

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