Photizo Survey Regarding Office Print Volume Trends

There are many thoughts regarding office print volume trends which varies depending on who you talk to.  Some folks believe that content is increasing exponentially so, even though the % of actual printed output relative to electronic documents managed may be dropping, the absolute number of printed output is not declining.  Others are much more pessimistic toward the future of printed output and believe that MPS cost reduction and efficiency initiatives, corporate mandates limiting the amount of printing, and other factors will continue to result in continued reduction of office printing.

Because of these varied reviews, Photizo decided to conduct a LinkedIn survey of about 50 printer industry professionals to get their views.   We do realize that the view from an end user perspective may be very different and will vary by vertical market, making this more of a directional than a purely quantitative assessment.   The following table showing the results of the Photizo Survey.

Value% of Survey
Page volumes are not declining nor will they be declining in the next 4 years7.2%
Page volumes are not declining but they will start declining in the next 4 years10.7%
Page volumes are already declining, but the rate of decline will be relatively unchanged during the next 4 years32.2%
Page volumes are already declining, and the rate of decline will be acceleration during the next 4 years39.2%
Page volumes are falling dramatically, and the trend will continue10.7%

The key takeaway from this survey is that only 17.9% of respondents believe that office print volumes are not declining and 82.1% believe that page volumes are declining.  The remaining question is how fast are the expected declines over the next 4 years.   About 32.2% of respondents felt that declines would be at a relatively flat rate while about 50% felt that the declines would be accelerated or dramatic.

Based on this Survey and upon other Photizo data, whether you are a printer manufacturer, reseller, or office supplies provider, it is probably best to assume that office page volumes will continue to decline at a slightly increasing rate and base your plans on this assumption.   The impact of declining office page volumes can be dramatic, particularly if you are a printer manufacturer where 60% or more of most printer manufacturers’ revenue comes from supplies.

Photizo’s new Office Supplies Advisory Service addresses an number of things that companies can do to offset or reduce the impact of declining office print volumes which include ways to increase your supplies market share while identifying print volumes outside the traditional “office print box”.

For more information on the Office Supplies Advisory Service, please contact Mark Dildillian at

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