Toshiba Features Digital Signage as Retail Opportunity

Expanded Product Fair Caps Off a Successful LEAD 2016 Conference 

Photizo Group attended Toshiba’s annual partner and customer conference in Las Vegas on May 16-19. This year brought a change with America Business Solutions and Global Commerce Solutions combining the LEAD and Connect events to demonstrate the synergies available from the two Toshiba companies.

The symposium included an expanded product fair with access to the entire product and services portfolio. Networking opportunities expanded with a broader audience of business partners and peers to share best practices and cultivate relationships.

Photizo attended the general and breakout sessions focused on Vertical Solutions, new products, service delivery and sessions on business process automation by Lexmark. The most intriguing time spent at the event was a closed Q&A session with Toshiba’s CEO, Scott Maccabe, Chief Marketing Executive, Bill Melo, and VP of Product and Solutions Marketing, Joe Contreras.

During the Q&A session it was discovered that Toshiba is not interested in 3D printing but a move from MPS to document solutions will be key to growth. With the announcement of 23 new MFPs, a relationship with Nuance and other partners, such as, Lexmark, they plan to move to a more services approach. Bill Melo’s briefing touched on the “agnostic approach to print services” citing their relationship with Lexmark as an example.

The conversation also focused on Toshiba’s digital signage opportunity. With retail as a mainstay vertical, they believe there is huge upside potential however only 10 percent of partners are pursing this opportunity. Toshiba acquired the IBM retail business and implemented a dealer program in the last few years to drive this initiative.

Interestingly enough, Toshiba hopes many of the partners who have a print business will leverage digital signage as a way to expand business with applications such as wayfinding to help guide people through complex environments such as healthcare, educational campuses and transportation facilities. This is a very different approach and we plan to investigate further. What do you think? As a managed print provider, how would you leverage digital signage to expand business?

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