Toshiba Offers Nuance Document Solutions

Toshiba America Business Solutions announced the availability of Nuance Communications, Inc.’s AutoStore and Equitrac® document solutions, to complement their line of e-STUDIO multifunction products (MFPs). Toshiba will sell and distribute Nuance’s solutions through the company’s independent dealer network and Toshiba Business Solutions direct sales operations throughout the United States and Latin America.

AutoStore and Equitrac can be available from the front panel user interface of the e-STUDIO products and are designed to streamline document workflow while allowing organizations to operate more securely, efficiently and productively.

In May 2016 during a Q&A session with the Toshiba executive team at the LEAD conference, they made it clear that Toshiba is not interested in 3D printing but a move from MPS to document solutions as the key to growth. With this announcement along with the recent launch of 23 new MFPs, and the growing relationships with related partners, Toshiba continues to demonstrate their move to a more services approach.

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